My morning

Mystical sway of sunbeams through my curtains wake me from the frail
Of my slumber. Morning is up and about, giving me a nudge as I saunter
into the gentle blaze of a new sun.I sink my feet into the coolness
of dawn dewed grass.

birds vow me with their
wake-up song;
beaks dipping luscious

I deepen my view to blosssoms basking in aquamarine, their enveloping
fragrance- fluid, organic. A flutter of wings explode into the 
crispiness of a minty air.

Iridescent trees
light up the morning breze:
gossamer wings shine

Summer skyline weaves similes and metaphors of dancing Anemone
Nemorosas. Clouds quilt a song for a lucent sun.Fuscias and 
Flamingos, rosewood and lemonade colors dazzle.

aurum rays pour...
my pages catch their
marmalade splendor.


77 thoughts on “My morning

  1. An explosion of color, your poetry is pure magic to read Yassy. Your words bring life to anything, you have a way of opening eyes and waking the soul. The images are there as you easily set the tempo, a lovely ode indeed my friend.

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      1. Haha the stigma of being a morning person is worse than the stigma of being a poet these days? Well, I guess that’s good news ❀

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      2. I used to feel that way, too…The I moved to Salem, MA-there is a HUGE writing community here-we have poetry readings all the time and host the mass poetry festival…I recently looked up the most literary cities, San Francisco is one sunnier option πŸ™‚ You are not alone!

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      1. I feel poetry all the time. I think you guys do too! It’s wonderful to be connected with you, Georgia and you Richie.


    1. Lord Richwrapper, I thank thee from the bottom of my heart , only I haven’t seen it’s bottom yet , but I am ever so grateful to your Lordship for reposting my work.


  2. “I saunter into the gentle blaze of a new sun”
    What a vividly descriptive line.
    Then I’m reading…
    And I’m waiting for it.
    I’m waiting for it.
    The first… but highly anticipate “jewel” of color.
    It’s great style marker. πŸ™‚
    Wonderful piece.



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