A cantaloupe sun beams from a sapphire latticework
Spilling energy, igniting amber breaths synchronizing life
Prisms of luminescence drape panorama, lustrous , warm.

Moist summer air blazes through oaks, maples, chestnuts, willows
Alabaster clouds bespangle an epiphany over a daffodil parade.
Sunlit glossed meanderings comfort me in my quietude.


And i dream of my next always..

64 thoughts on “Rouge

    1. I think we do the best we can. Thank you , Chaaya ! You are one of the best writers /poets we
      have here on WP.
      Take care and don’t disappear again.

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  1. Your poetry is so relaxing, imaginative, moving and colorful. What an amazing ingredient of mineralized words and verses that brought this vibrant piece to life. You’re amazing Yassy.🌹🌹

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    1. I been missing everybody’s work. I will head your way now to see what you been up to.
      Thank you , Venessa. You are like a long list sister I never had. Hugs. Hugs hugs.

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      1. I am well, thank you. Have you turned off comments. I read your last post and could not leave a comment. Disappointing for me.
        But I hardly see you here. I miss that.


      2. Only for the last couple of posts. We have a lot going on right now with my husband’s pancreatitis (I posted about it a few days ago) and I haven’t been online as much. But I’m so glad that you’re well dear Yasmin!

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      3. Sorry to hear about hubby but with you around , I am sure he is going to be fighting fit.
        I am happy to hear you are well. Venessa , you take care. Bye for now.

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    1. Davy, Davy, thank you for your generous thoughts. You take care , my friend. I just visited your page and I see no fresh post. That is a bit disappointing. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚

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      1. I have gone down to posting just twice a week yassy. Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was finding the five days too onerous and it was taking me away from writing. There is a post coming on today πŸ™‚

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      2. I just visited your page ! Okay , no wonder I don’t see you as much. You know , Davy, let me tell you somethin , I feel burned out. My mind keeps shutting so I am not forcing myself to write. But I feel low if I can’t write. I guess it will pass. Inspector Davy, wish you a very good evening.

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      3. That was part of the reason I slowed down yassy. Find another pace and the writing will come back. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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  2. Wonderfully penned. Reading this traveling on the highway, and all I could see is the mirage reflecting the beauty of Nature to me through this amazing poetry work. More ink to your pen Yassy.

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  3. sometimes while reading your poetry/ I realize what a wealth of material/ you leave for readers who delight in the way you weave/ words and images into wonnder…/
    and then I have to go back and read again what you said and this time try to refrain from picking up those parcels already wrapped to take home. Thanks, Yassy!

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  4. This line combines and creates some brilliant imagery…
    “Alabaster clouds bespangle an epiphany over a daffodil parade”
    “over a daffodil parade” that’s a wonderful image.
    It’s when we write something that is different and create images, thoughts, and ideas
    expressed different than what is seen before that we really reach our reader.
    Your imagery is 2nd to none Jasmine. πŸ™‚

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    1. I find quite often with Yasmin my “mouse” finger(s) and hands getting workouts beyond their usual fate…scrolling up and down refreshing references, catching commentary and conditions new and reconsidered. The lady plays a fast keyboard from multiple angles and often makes me wish for split-screen(s) to stack the wonders and wanders. And the attention(s) she pay(s) to her multitudes of commentarians continues to astound: where does she manufacture those extra seventeen hours in her day? Bouncing into Yassy has been one of many delights I have found on WordPress and ranks most chiefly in my regard. And, there are many not so much as like her – who would attempt that climb? – but with values and attainments I find often breathtaking. Your comment on the “daffodil parade,” Forrest Pasky had my “rescroll” fingers flying. You are right, sir: second to none!

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