blue-blooded dreams

Poetry will grace the pages to never fade
Memories of souls that played in love's glade.

When tears and heartbeats become one
Two breaths blend in one haven.

Hold my words close to your heart
Feel their warmth, let the pain depart.

The ink drains my quill to moisten your eyes
They touch your lips and feel your sighs.

The page I write on, holds my soul's fire
I pour out my heart and never tire.

My quill weeps words I cannot say
Eloquence in a glorious way.

I give everything of me in my poetry
Without wanting anything back, I have stayed free.

The blue of my ink runs in my blood
Hear my blue-blooded dreams crooning a ballad.

92 thoughts on “blue-blooded dreams

  1. *sighs* Yassy my love this is, I don’t know what words could even describe it. I am captivated, entralled, delighted. I could go on and on. I thank God for you my dearest Sister. I love your poems, and is why I mentioned you in a post of mine. I pray you don’t mind that I mentioned you. If you do, I will glady edit it for you :):)

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  2. One grouch: (and I do so – even today – with Juice (Bruce Jewett) as well: consider first line edit to: “Poetry will grace the pages never to fade” may be a foible of mine – split infinitives, but I feel is flows visually and well as auditorially, and strengthens “to fade.” Senthumbly with deepest admiration for yet another great piece, Yassy.


  3. I just realized I pulled a boner on an haiku comment on Bruce’s Haiku 1947…instead my proffered last line of “so thou pullest not,” I will correct with “so, pullest thou not” I will take my fake pendant and go correct that blot and then return soonest dear lady.

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  4. Am the type who reads short poem. I have to read and make my own view about it. You write and explaination are quite OK.

    Your beautiful words just made my day. Thank you so much for adding such magical drop of words in my jar of motivation and your views on this poem.I feel blessed by your writing right now.
    I found delight love in what you just said in your short poem.
    Again such a beautiful poem on your blog.
    Keep the vibes on.

    Peace ✌and Love ❀

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      1. Thanks for replying me. This reply means alot to me.

        Such an awesome way of replying someone.
        Thanks. Again.

        You welcome dear friend.

        You can also check on my blog for the recent post and say your own views and contribution on it.
        I did a good post about “”” LET IT GO”””


        Peace ✌and Love ❀

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  5. “When tears and heartbeats become one”
    This expresses very well sadness within love.
    The exceptional image you have created will stay strongly in the reader’s mind.
    “My quill weeps words I cannot say”
    Again, sadness within love. Words unsaid are cried by the writer’s pen.
    The strong image again locks the sentence in the reader’s mind.
    Your imagery is very, very strong Jasmine.

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  6. Oh yeah!
    Uhh, you are so expressive with words.
    The poetry of a honey-soul.

    Forever free in body, mind and spirit
    Dream me through the trees and into the blue
    Past the stars
    Dream me to you
    No fear I am just…

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  7. I have been missing your beautiful words, but this lovely work has fed my addiction for the moment. The offered first line edit in the comments above works, but your original wording works just as well, so it should be about your preference. I love the use of couplets throughout. And, your subject, the pouring of one’s self into their words, is so easily relatable and delivered with your usual lyrical flow and powerful words. Another well deserving poem, Yasmin!

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  8. Love all your posts and followed your blog for such future posts. I have also started blogging recently and would be happy if you could visit my blog. Looking forward to your feedback on my content and I hope to earn a new follower today.

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