sound of your heartbeat

sound of your heartbeat

becomes the heart of my poetry—-

i gather my thoughts in haikuΒ 





112 thoughts on “sound of your heartbeat

  1. A personal moment.. Becomes Centre of a personal expression.. But scattered.. No memories.. Just opinions.. What are you weighing? Again it is just my opinion..

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  2. your heart.. beating
    the whole world your oyster
    fill it with your pearls
    your every word a jewel
    a beat of your heart
    a little bit of you
    rare red diamonds
    no, pieces of your soul
    I take the pieces
    mould them, a hologram
    you, reaching out, writing
    painting images with words
    landscapes, seascapes,
    your escape,
    your private world of haiku,
    treasures you share
    and at times, give the world
    write on, precious Lady

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