my kinda sun

each night you leave me
and go to the other
side of the world
to make their day bright.
in the darkness of the night
the moon comforts me
she sheaths me in her
silver shining light
the stars dazzle me
with their twinkling brilliance
as slumber overtakes me
I sleep the night away
waking up to find you
all around me
engulfing me with your warmth

93 thoughts on “my kinda sun

  1. I love the title as well as the poem and it’s sentiment… yup… me too … that’s ‘my kinda sun’ (though on my side of the world this morn a different kind of sun rules… an invisible one!!)

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  2. Darkness hangs over
    Horizons close to me
    I see only stars
    And wonder where you might be

    Somewhere and circling
    A light for darkened ness
    Please do return
    Its time to rise and blaze this mess

    I picture your warmth
    In the back of my eyes
    A fire in the sky
    The light of all life
    And only…and only

    When clouds hang over
    And dull your happiness
    A million lights
    Couldnt bring me back from distress

    Wish youd return
    My burning satellite
    I need you now
    Warm me up forever…make it bright

    I picture your rays
    Through tightly shut eyes
    A fire inside
    The proof im alive
    And only…and only

    Im turning my my gaze
    Up into the air
    No fluro or neon
    Can ever compare
    And only…and only

    I see a light
    I see your shine
    Radiating out from out in space

    Could just enlight
    All of the grey
    A rainbow of colours to replace

    All of the dullness
    All of thats been done
    Theres only one
    My kinda sun…

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      1. Thanks yassy

        Maybe i will post it.
        Have a shot that would go well together.
        But have to rewrite it all…

        Kind of embarrassed about poetry and that sort of thing..

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    1. Thank you , Z. Oh ! I miss myself too. Feel lost without writing. Good to see you here.. feeling comforted. You should be rocking well you rockstar buddy of mine. πŸ’•

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      1. Oh my, you are just the sweetest thing–I’m blessed every time you visit me!! “Rockstar buddies”–I love it–YES!!!πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸ¬πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  3. Beautiful!

    The sun and the moon almost play a game. Hide and seek. They interact well. Both are precious and light up the atmosphere. Well written!

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  4. Beautiful expression of Love for Sun and starry night.❀️yeah.we all want warmth of your kinda Sunny days and coolness of starry nights.very well written, dear yassy!!✨🌞xxxxxxx


  5. Love this and also the sun and golden warmth on my skin too! We are missing the sun here in the southern hemisphere – it has been months of rain! Looking forward to when the storms pass and the sun shines again!

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