I went all mushy seeing this

I guess it’s Mother Earth’s  way of saying that she is still around .. 

25 thoughts on “I went all mushy seeing this

  1. Despite the fact that we have defaced the Mother Earth , still she is around us . We broken her mountains . We have dirtyfied (impured) her rivers . We have destroyed her forests . Still she is around us . We have tested her virginity , still around us . But how long is the mute question ? We all have to answer this question , today or tomorrow . Your musing is meaningful and nice . Thanks !

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  2. Yeah.After many times ignoring by human,our mother earth cares us and tries to flourish us like a really mom.most lovely lines.thanks for sharing this haiku with us,dear yassy!! Weldon.💕💕💕

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      1. Most welcome,dear yassy!! Same as you feel about mother earth likewise i feel for mother earth and mother nature.both are one.not it is?are you agree or not? Plz reply.☺

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