At Night

at night 
blind in the darkness
so many reasons to sleep

26 thoughts on “At Night

  1. Yes Yassy… but… but once we sleep in the grave enough …. let’s create, live, love, breathe … maybe a little of food and water or maybe no and they create some Pills of immortality…. so we may love and create forever…..hi Yassy:) i like hear You talking !

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    1. Yes, I realize that life is too short to cry about so like you say .., create , live , love, breathe … eat too , drink lots of h2o … the only immortal think will be poetry which I hope will survive my death ..
      thank you for writin in, Lubomir.
      Take good care.

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      1. And look please what i work on from saturday…until now. I read your today words and….i laugh on, its true, Ideaspace exist, we are on other end of world and still have same idea…for the first time i love something like this…because if is on world one woman that i trust , its my love Veronika and You, Yassy.

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      2. You write beautifully, Lubomir. I like the creative energy in your work.
        Your comment inspires another poem .. maybe
        Thank you for the support , Lubomir. I am grateful and appreciative of your time .
        Bless you and Veronica. Warm regards to you both.

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      3. Your words are …almost magical, You like a painter, but amidst the colours, You use words ! You work hard too…. but You know, there are two things…love and writing. We embrace them. Thanks and beautifiul day across the ocean ! Yassy:)

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      4. Writing is my love ..all creative arts are magical .. it makes the soul happy .. yes, hard work is fun .. if it means following your heart.
        Sending you a lot of gratitude and good wishes across the oceans and seas ..

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  2. Amazing ‘n true,my dear yassyπŸ€—β€πŸ€—!! Most beautifully written.the night is for many imaginations which are coz of sleep.I love the night time and it’s darkness as silence is echoing like lullaby for sleeping😁

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  3. Never allow your reason to sleep. If your reason is slept , you would be a gone case . Non entity . And non existence is disliked by one and all . Be it day or night , you may sleep but your reason should always be awaken. Because it is the reason which decides your existence . Otherwise would not be a human being but a beast , all time beast . Your musing is thought provoking and nice . Thanks !

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