Beard Nest

There once lived a man with a long beard 
In his whiskers, his pet birds he reared
One fine day, his balbo gave way
Birdies lost their nest, flew into a fray
Smeared him with droppings
Pecked the hair off his head
Sheared off his shaggy eyebrows
To the jungle he had to repair.

30 thoughts on “Beard Nest

  1. Very nice and meaningful poetry. It a satire on a man having a long beard . Keeping a long beard denotes a man in his natural form . During the state of nature when there was no razor , no blade , no barbar , people used to keep very long beard . For him there was no option . Now , we have all the options with ourselves . Despite this fact if one opt to keep long beard . It may be his choice . But as per your poetry , he has to face all the descriptive phenomenon of the poetry as such . You have penned down poetry with sound thought in your mind . Thanks !

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  2. Another prime example of your skyโ€™s the limit wordplay, yassy.
    Reminds me of the following song lyrics:

    My hair
    I let it fly in the breeze
    And get caught in the trees
    Give a home for the fleas in my hair
    A home for fleas
    A hive for the buzzin’ bees
    A nest for birds
    There ain’t no words
    For the beauty, the splendor, the wonder
    Of my Hair

    If youโ€™d like to read the rest of the lyrics copy and paste: cowsills hair lyrics.
    Your Google Search may fly some Cowsillโ€™s music videos your way, too.

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  3. Reminds me of an incident when we got the big tree in front of our house pruned because a horde of monkeys would use its sprawling branches to jump on to our terrace and create ruckus all day long. When the simians saw their playground being tempered with, they were simply furious!

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