73 thoughts on “Reincarnation

    1. Poem became pumpkin πŸŽƒ
      Mice 🐁 became squirrels 🐿
      I went nuts
      A walnut went to my head
      Becoming a wrinkly brain
      But then all turned out well
      When I read Cogito E Sum.

      I will still need to die πŸ€ͺ

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  1. Your commitment to poverty is apparent from your words in poetry . A few years back at the American Center in Bombay , I had gone through ‘BLANK VERSES’ of Earnest Hemingway. No word , no sentence , no simly, no metaphor . Only coma, column , semi-column , full stop, note of interrogation and note of exclamation and nothing else . Yet you can translate them in words in your mind . Put little stess on your minds and you will get what he wanted to tell through his ‘BLANK VERSES’ . No experiment on poetry ever on this line after him I saw . I tried to read Publo Naruda , the genius poet and Noble Laurate but he never experimented on such sides of poetries . Anyway , your commitment to poetry appears to be total . I like poetry . But I don’t know how to write it . Years back a few words I wrote , and a Poet friend of mine from Kerala told me it is a poetry , excellent one . Since then I decided not to write one as I was wrongly of the opinion that two poets can’t be friends at all . But I am not always wrong . You would be a poet of excellence in days to come . Thanking you . Please read my blogs , if you feel they could be liked , like them and moreover if you want to follow my blogs so much so good . My blogs are all about past , dead people , arts and culture of the past , about India , about my state about my Districts and my village but I want to create them all interesting . I don’t feel and think that I have command over language like English like you but anyhow I write and write and write……my blogs .

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