When words get drunk,
They become Miss Fit
They are Miss Spelt
A Miss Interpretation happens
A Miss Placed Miss Construction
A Miss Conduct of
Miss Fortune who
Miss Carries the
Miss Programming which spirals into a Miss Quote of Miss Knowledge
That morphs into a
Miss Conception who
Miss Quotes
Miss Uses a misword.

80 thoughts on “Katzenjammer

      1. She reads the poems out loud – that often tells me a lot – how mine work or not. Yesterday we were out for a walk in light rain, I said it’s raining puppies and kittens….

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      2. How nice is that !!! Reading your poems out loud gives you the right vibes about how your poem sounds.

        I say.. it’s raining cats and dogs. But to my surprise a few years ago I found little toads when it rained.


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