captive of time

like a haunting melody
an unsung canticle
aching to be heard
begging..a release from anguish
I kneel
in the emptiness of a barren silence
a captive of time
I cradle my hopes 
in the changing hues of eternity.
I lie down burned...
under sycamore skies
I give time a rebirth
my heart bewildered  
by time's inconsistency
       I kneel
and beg for time...

127 thoughts on “captive of time

      1. Sweet Yassy 🤗 my dearest 🙂 You are always on my mind. How are you dear one? I haven’t been around as much but not because things are bad. Things are busy but in a good way 🙂 Everyone I know is safe and healthy. I pray that includes you 🙂 You deserve all the safe and happy this world can give 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    Yasmin “Yassy” Yaskhan Yes, Just Yes! Add another to her canon. A stunning example of wit, wisdom and tale-telling told in verse. She sometimes doesn’t call me Bruce – and I am sure The Jewett rejoices each time – Please read and know why I don’t mind.

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      1. I suspect you both share the same smirkingly playful smile – I know his; I lookforward to yours – when I serve up the ChristosYMoros with papas en tomatoey broth, sideswiped by Epazote, parsley and Puerto Rican Thyme with undercurrents of toasted cumin seeds and assorted halved hot peppers.

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      2. It was last night. When I get back from this typing I have a baguette to bake for sopping and slopping. Will bake in the Norelco 18-quart (probably much larger but I forget which) in the “Florida” room attached to the rest of the house and office to keep the heat out. The 60+ degree F temps in the morning are delicious, as is the stew – should I add chorizo or polish sausages – both? Thanks! Good Suggestion – to the reaheat. Made enough – 2 pounds of turble beans with onions, carrots, celery and a halved and seeded green bell pepper, per the original Cuban black beans-n-rice recipe. I drool. I bid goodbye, Yassy. Best wishes. Say Bruce Hi for me.

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      3. Forgot to add the thee-inch cube of salt pork I used to add to the olive oil before the sofrito – onion, celery, carrot, bay leaves, and later both garlic crushed and whole went in and later yet by a few minutes as the veg “sweated” a full six-oz can of tomato paste to “brown” and add umami to the whole shebang. For vegetarian use, sub the – oh, deficate! forgot the rest of the T-word that works as fermented soy blocks to add a meatlike and/or umami taste element. Crimini – pr- portabella and therefore less expensive musrooms even the often overlooked to probably more tasty button mushrooms (a brown crimini and later porta-schroon is just a darker shade of button. Get the ones with the gills just starting to appear undersid – like bananas, mushrooms assume a better taste profile when just at the peak of ripeness, thus a little splotchy and not all pristine. Sorry: forgetting the salt port turned into a treatise. Fermented Tofu!…Starts with a T. It’s great fried in a little olive or veg oil and gets crunchy and unlike silken or even more stolid forms of tofu, actually has some of its own taste: still unremember the name. Sorry Your Yassyship. I will lube the memory module later today with fermented barley and rice.

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      4. So easily. I will not shock you further with my world-class forgetfulness. You I remember. The seat and lid on the “necessary” not-so-much. Sometimes I invent dishes based on what I forgot; sometimes, though I just don’t admit it when it turns out fine.

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      5. I delayed the basic baguette and the rye/whole wheat until tomorrow. Will have a nice fat ripe big tomato to rub with garlic to make thick-slab outside smoke-roast toast to go with a half-salmon over fennel leaves (from garden) with green onions and ichi ban eggplant split lengthwise with olive oil and wild garlic salt-pepper mash on the hand-built (with no mortar) brick cooker/smoker/grill. Will have to man the water buckets, hose and shovels/rakes/hoe for fire protection: grill is just below a now 20+-foot ball Bald Cypress, as I spend the day garden-read-beer drinking with a modest cook to boot. Left over salmon due to delight a casserole of what I find in the pantry and fridge but will include parboiled potato slices and onion rings, sesame seeds, pimento, bell and hot pepper, (and I know to Italians it’s way past a venal sin) grated parmesan and some swiss melty cheese with paprika and more besides…half-n-half?

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      6. He taught me ricecakes in Oahu. A natural Tagalog, he. We and Roger RappingStone formed a triumverate of terror to officious lifers and ossifers whilst enjoying Marine military life in Hawaii. Bruce did not swim well, and we were less than fine diners or even cookers, interests ranging to other pursuits. I shall propose recipe subjects – and should (or would, since shoulds and shits attract the same kinds of flies – and you propose same to Bruce. His nature – with a grandson creasing his behind-both-ears smile might be so entranced if you dangle posterity before his eyes. (That’s called Return Serve in both tennis and tease). What are your categories/dishes, m’dear?

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      7. Chocolate? A hardened mole (sorry, no diacritical) for to seep into the sauce. Sounds fabulous. I have a couple of riffs on lasagne – boil or dry – and teardownthehouse sauce.

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  2. Another excellent piece of poetry yassy. I like how you have changed the font style and size which gives an impression of submission and acceptance.

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  3. time, eternity, and beyond, you must endeavour!
    your words, I’ve reiterated many times, our pleasure!

    sycamore skies, leaves of many flamed toned hues,
    don’t doubt, they endorse your words, your learned views.

    ere your ploy, your words, humanity can, and does enjoy,
    you write love, hope for the world, for all. life, a lifebuoy

    ere you forget the world waits on you with much anticipation!
    we lust, we crave for you to write for the worlds delectation.

    🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 sycamore leaves
    and a flower or two🍄 🌾 💐 🌷 🌹 🥀 🌻 🌼 🌸 🌺



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      1. Mick is way beyond my ken – as are you. I have stayed hidden in this little corner because 1.) I am a professional world-class laze; 2.) my iamb-counter is broken and I’ve lost my trochee touchstone; 3.) my notebooks are too small in both lenght and breadth to encompass more beats and measures you both deserve, and 4.) but not finally, I await the vast ordered movements I must attend ere I again face such delicious tasks as flinging up mine own unsnarked series of words-following-words following patterns and point. So, to shorten: ha! This long excuse: I’d rather see what you two will put out front of your combined store so I might stroll by and swipe a nice juicy piece of pure magic!

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      2. I respond to beatings I fear rather poorly. Bleatings work when there are worms to feed and fish to fry;
        sometimes I succumb to cajole,
        but more often I go borrow a spine
        instead of sniff.
        You, ma’am,
        are a bully entire!
        And enlistment officer to boot!
        Resist, micketalbot, resist!
        I forever pledge to fill your foxhole
        you will not dig to my vast relief.
        Besides: there are sycamore seas to discover painted under same skies!

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