Sunset At Sea

Flaming amber
Immersed in his reflection-
The sun.
A flickering skyline
Filled with charcoal clouds blooming with aurum scents:
A world of gold
In every drop of sea
Sun rays drip
Copper shadows
Into the dying light:

Sea sunset~
The night starts
In a blaze.

94 thoughts on “Sunset At Sea

  1. Setting of the sea
    Dawning of the blazing night
    In aurum beauty

    Inspired by ‘flaming amber,’ ‘a world of gold in every drop of sea,’ ‘copper shadows’ among other subtly splendid observations of beauty, in Sunset at Sea by Yassy.

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    1. Wonderfully creative writing, very inspiring for me.. I feel rewarded for my poem .. a sense of happy fulfillment after reading your piece of poetic perfection.
      Thank you.

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  3. Love the imagery. For some reason it made me wonder what the bay in that pit might have to say to the sun if they were friends or perhaps more

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    1. Thank you, David. Nature is a chatterbox, I am sure there must be some language in the wind that whispers and the ocean that heaves itself tides , the moon 🌝 smiles a song and the sun 🌞 says let’s blow hot and cold , that’s what friends are for , nature made a nature cure ..

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      1. Hey this is my new blog, maybe you remember me. We started a poetry collaboration together over email and wondered if you would like to continue with it? X

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