starry constellations
carrying thunder, lightening
renaissance of season, time
Hippocrene's blue
Mount Helicon's fountainhead
quenching the muses' thirst;
Nemesis of Narcissus.

81 thoughts on “Pegasus

      1. Hi sweetheart, I know all that. I will tell you what puzzles me at the end. Narcissus is punished because he felt in love with himself. However, the punishment comes from Nemesis. Well? Should he really be punished because he couldn’t fall in love with a women? I feel like his punishment is a sort of “how do you dare?”

        That said, I am not sure how should I interpret the metaphor in your poem. But, that’s the privilege of a great poet! Make us only feel! You do that magnificent!

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      1. In elementary school once a year they had this big blow up room with all the constellations lit up on the ceiling and would tell us all the stories behind them. That was always one of my favorite days of the year!

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  1. hi yassy. last night’s sunset was cray cray. it was after 2 days of storms which had just cleared momentarily an hour before. there were low hanging clouds moving fast across the sky and there were higher ones above and there were dark ones on the horizon.

    everything was happening. the water was catching it all and throwing off the strangest colors, like a brown and blue which kept changing with the progression.

    before it was over more low hanging clouds blew in and changed it all again eventually covering the sky and turning it all to a plum color before it went to slate grey. all that in the space of about 50 minutes.

    talk about poetic inspiration. now i don’t know much about Pegasus and Narcissus but it got me thinking. maybe those fast low hanging clouds were Pegasus which obscured the Narcissus like color reflections. it was just too pretty and had to be toned down. i felt like i was witnessing poetry in action while watching.

    that is such an awesome feeling when you know you are witnessing something so special that you will not see the likes of again. there have been a few of those recently with not anyone like the others. Narcissus apparently has friends that like to show off too each with a different kind of beauty.

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  2. i managed to make it to the last half of a choir concert after the sunset. the ladies choir was amazing. by the end of the evening i was so flushed full of beauty i may have been glowing. people were looking at me funny but that is not too unusual.

    i left quickly after it was over not wanting to concern anyone with my overflowing enthusiasm after that sunset and then the songs. there is nothing like a live concert by an amazing choir. the voices penetrate you at such close proximity. there is so much happening at once. kink of like an extravagant sunset. talk about sensory overload.

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    1. Wow. Too much of good things. The sunset and the songs. You are having the best of it all. I am grateful to you for sharing. Ah ! I can so see your blushed countenance. What a pretty sight.


      1. it was quite the night and is still playing over in my mind. the pictures help memory of course and i have studied them since then.

        since it had been rainy out, the sunset was mine alone. i doubt most people even noticed or looked outside long enough to see it.

        i go to the lake for sunset to see someone else’s beauty and listen to choir to hear beauty, but you can’t be exposed to all that beauty without some of it reflecting on you. maybe it is reverse Narcissus.

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      2. You are a true artist, a true poetess, you see beauty around you. You express it so well. You are a very positive person. You fill me with a feeling of buoyancy 😊


      3. i think it has to do with feeling. that is where your poetry comes from, your heart, which is where you feel what you express in words.

        we need soft hearts that are sensitive to feeling. appreciating beauty seems to help cultivate that. i am not sure why. maybe it raises your sensitivity.

        it seems the world may be changing. we can continue to hope. if it is then beauty will have much to do with it. tender and hopeful hearts are having an affect. some day the things we once considered fun and entertaining will be unthinkable. stay sensitive yassy. it is spreading.

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      4. some of the choir songs make me cry they are so beautiful. i keep adding to the list as i listen to and find more good choirs. i launch the list with the random option and let it bounce around. i found a choir yesterday of mainly children. i added a lot of their songs to the list and plan to add more when i can.

        very glad you enjoy it. you can always skip any song you don’t care for with the youtube advance icon on the lower left of the video. if you think i should remove any from the list let me know.

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      5. here is what i find amazing yassy. many of the choir songs have like a few hundred view and have been out there for years. to me many are astoundingly beautiful and the more i hear them the more i enjoy them.

        notice the absence of drums and a beat in most of them. it is so soothing. the sound washes over you and comforts.

        yet they receive so little attention for the most part. that is what’s wrong with the world. we take pleasure in the wrong things that have minimal inherent beauty and are actually offensive to the senses. why?

        it is a matter of conditioning yourself to appreciate things worth appreciating and ignoring what’s not. but things are exactly the opposite.

        i am sticking with it and loving it more day by day. i have been listening to classical for a long time but did not know there was so much beautiful choir music available online till recently. voices are so wonderful and unique.

        thank you for listening.

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      6. You have a mighty sensitive heart , Eby. It shows in your work , your impassioned heart spills into the canvas of pure beauty seen through your lens and captured through a most sensitive heart .

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      7. i have definitely not arrived and am working on it. as you know, being sensitive has it’s dark times too. so it is not easy. thank you for the encouragement. it helps yassy

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  3. Thank you! Wonderful poem as I understand it better now. I had to look up Hippocrene.
    β€œHippocrene was a spring on Mt. Helicon. It was sacred to the Muses and formed by the hooves of Pegasus. Its name literally translates as “Horse’s Fountain” and the water was supposed to bring forth poetic inspiration when imbibed.”

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  4. This will require much more munching. Loved the script and the theme and much wordplay with layers and layers. Your latest on Twitter, though, drew me to stop by. Will be back I am sure and sit down to feast on this after the election which clutters and calls and I keep putting guilt out like a nightcat to wander and wonder. One brief in-apropos thought: our next (9th, 10th or 11th…depending on how one counts) planet should be Narcissus. I so nominate.

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  5. hi yassy, two does let me within 20 feet of them last night in the dusk. that is a first ever. i was walking back from sunset and heard something to my right off the path in the brush. it was a big deer standing looking at me. i stopped and talked to her and then tried to walk towards her. she hopped a few feet away and turned and watched me again.

    then i noticed another one ahead a ways. you can see their white ears sticking up in the dark. we stared each other down a bit and when i tried to walk towards them again they scampered off into the trees. i hope i get to see them again close. they were both big and beautiful.

    did you hear the Korea’s are dismantling their border posts? the world is changing. how wonderful is that. people putting aside their differences and finding ways to come together. i say the news story this morning for the first time. what wonderful long time in coming great to hear news. yes it seems the world is changing.

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    1. Omg. So exciting. I visualized the scene of you with that does. So wonderful. You are a pure soul and these gentle creatures understood your vibes.
      You are lucky to have been so close and I feel luckier hearing it from you.
      I am so happy to hear about the Korean borders. Let’s hope the whole world has a makeover.

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