October haibun

I embrace October's breathless thrill. Symphonies merge birds' tuneful
breaths, vermilion heartbeats kindle melodies of effervescent blossoms
lilting glimmering reveries.
                           cosmic collision;
                           dulcet energies
                           destiny's refrain

Canticles tumble from hearts pulsing, wrapping yearnings unbroken by
life's strategy. Crystal stars rhythm interludes daydreaming into 
night skies spangled with poetry.
                           pale of moonlight slips
                           a swirl of constellations
                           twilight's liquid dark

Fireflies trail the heath flaming a gentle zephyr that touches my 
cheek with grace. Crickets echo ebon air hemming mellow of sleep as
nocturnal creatures rouse.

                           dawn lures the sun out;
                           blue sanctuary 
                           of a rising star.


57 thoughts on “October haibun

  1. back in your stride with gliding gloaming verses. you are like me, looking for and finding meaning all about in easily overlooked details. surrounded by immense presence of wonder. if only there were not so many distractions that own our minds and thoughts.

    oh to be free. free of need. free of desire. free to be, to simply be.

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    1. We are two of a kind. What you say resonates with you. You know , let me tell you , I struggled with this for two weeks, I was no happy with my writing.
      I think you said exactly what I feel , oh to be free, free of need free free free and simply live just be. You said it!! It’s like you are a reflection of me on the other side of the world.

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      1. i don’t have it figured out. life is work and nearly constant doing. then there are things you want or enjoy that seem important. even entertainment can seem necessary. it is like being a slave to existing.

        spending a small part of the day to observe away from the work and attractions is my escape. seeing and feeling the things you describe in their simplicity yet with such extravagant beauty tempers the daily grind.

        maybe it does not matter. maybe i am wasting time. it is what it is. accepting my inabilities has been the hardest lesson.

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      2. I understand what you are saying. Poetry is my way of getting away and you do it with your awesome talent of observing nature and capturing it on camera.
        You are full of wisdom and so focussed. I feel the way you do when you say it us like being a Slave to existing. But that is life and it has to go on till we breathe .
        I cannot imagine you with any inabilities. Why are you so hard on yourself , Eby.


  2. Standing in the middle of a season called Fall where you surrounded us with the magical colors and happenings that it brings with it. Your poetry brought the month of October to life and made it more than a word. Pure vivid magic, you did justice and brightened a month that’s more than just Halloween. Breathtaking Yassy!🌹❀️


  3. I just stumbled upon this haibun now. And I must say, it is absolutely fantastic. Thanks Yassy for always giving my mind some amazing images to contemplate on.

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