Well, what if ?

What if...
The angel of death came calling on me
On one of his life taking sprèe
I would teach him the art of procrastination
And say my soul needed beautification
Heaven would have to wait
I would need to cleanse my heart
Before I would from this world depart
So that heaven could open its gate
Not treat me like a surrogate.
I would not like to die on a hospital bed
With tubes and needles stuck all over
Down my throat, through a pipe being fed 
Visitors putting on a sympathetic face
Turning with pity,and a look of grimace
It would be good to die surrounded by
Books, poetry, hope my poems last that long
And playing in my ear, a favourite song..

87 thoughts on “Well, what if ?

      1. not ever will I
        forget a muse so precious
        nor you I, I hope

        well what if’s
        so many but for you one
        your poetry

        your immortal soul
        your poetry your legacy
        a priceless gift

        I’ve seen death hover
        so many times I’ve cried
        her screams begging death

        your words I have oft
        mistaken for a truth
        I pray not this time

        A one-off comment
        Just to say goodbye
        Missed you and always will Precious Lady… Mick

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      1. Thank you , Margaret. You are such a comfort. It’s almost I can feel your presence. You have a good soul. I can feel that goodness flowing from you to me across the universe. Stay blessed because you are a blessing.

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    1. Somehow , seeing so much death and disasters , don’t you think we are surrounded by it , one cannot ignore it , gives you fodder for some deep thought.
      Anyways, here’s wishing you a very happy happy Sunday.

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      1. We are surrounded by it my friend, there are somethings in life that are in eyes view and you call those deep issue which is why I love your writing🌹
        There are beautiful things in the world also, like you my friend.🌹. A blessed Sunday to you.

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  1. Deeply profound…and I felt this poem. The ending…I have dreams of death at times not all the time. And I see myself on a death bed crying a lot and feeling scared of death itself.

    This spoke to me in a strong feeling and sense. πŸ™‚ Thank you for you writing this heartfelt poem. πŸ™‚

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