stars blaze

stars blaze–

within their light

I see your smile…



68 thoughts on “stars blaze

  1. Why are you in a confronted mindset..? You painted the Senryu differently but your subconscious wanted it different I guess.. Hmm.. An open interpretation.. I sense awkwardness..A Smile in anger.. Distance from your world. .. Yet always cropping up in the night..(Star) could be also be reverse.. You know the light version.. Senryu.. Are like that.. But if i have to guess.. You try to undertone it.. To give it the ‘light’ meaning.. But as poetry is like breathing to you.. Your subconscious didn’t allow that.. So you left it with clues of the real one.. The awkward interpretation.. But I could be wrong..

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  2. But even the confrontation is surreal.. But why did you undertone it.. And Senryu are so hard.. Listen to this one,
    Fire burning
    Women encircling
    Men smiling..
    I thought it was pretty clear when i wrote it.. And people thought i was presenting tribal dance.. But I am intrigued by your expression.. In writing..

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    1. Yours is so direct. Maybe I want my reader to use his imagination. You can’t tell all. Our readers are intelligent πŸ€“, you know. It should get them to think , me thinks.

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      1. No, but you do understand what the Senryu was about don’t you.. And i thought Karai.. Was straightforward in his expression..

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      2. And to think half of those who read it.. Compared it to tribal dance and happiness.. Come on.. It could also mean the silent agony of women as they are being forced by men but no.. Tribal dance.. Dance.. What the hell is that suppose to mean.. I mean look at that senryu of yours.. Some might call it lovely or good or beautiful.. Reading the face value.. Ignoring the world like blaze.. Star(distance) and smile(cynical or creepy).. But at least no one will call it presenting a common demeanour.. Sorry for babbling.. I had a bad day.. I should stop now.. But seriously.. Why did you change it..the demeanour of your Senryu..?

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