under a blood moon

under a blood moon~

I put my hands together 

and recite a poem…


62 thoughts on “under a blood moon

  1. I can see a bad memory.. I can see listless movements and yet the will is not bent but instead is straightened.. For it is greeted with a familiar feeling of words being loudly repeated.. Providing Solace.. But again this is what I feel..

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      1. No its not only that.. It is not an activity for you.. It is not a hobby.. It is more like breathing.. Something that has always been around you.. It has been your friend.. I am intrigued.. It is for you normal.. And why there is this Memory, Why it scars you.. These three lines at least for me do not represent Longing or Sadness like the earlier post..For me it represents a distressful experience.. And poetry being there to help you.. At least this is what I think after reading these lines.. Your subconscious is a powerful entity..to write so clearly…. And again I could be completely wrong..

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      2. No, you are absolutely right. How can you tell so much. I am intrigued. Yes, I write poetry like I breathe, for me it’s a catharsis. But honestly , you blew me away with this comment. Are you a long forgotten twin ? Lol

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      3. Don’t know but the chances are no. Again i hate to babble about me but I am not a Maker of words.. Like you.. As I said before.. I am falling and failing.. But your revelations are so clear.. You are the original Calliope..

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      4. I can’t change the veracity of my life..My life is a mask.. Humor helps me but it is not normal for me like poetry is to you.. But the post is about you Calliope.. I commemorate your power of expression….I never thought I will read such beautiful lines..

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  2. Yassy, look up Bloodborne, I swear to God you’ll love it.
    Poem’s absolutely in sync with that video game which is in sync with Lovecraft’s fables.

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  3. i hear you
    words… never ending echoes
    the world listening
    err you whispered
    words fly on a gentle breeze
    teasing,,, pleasing
    your words… or borrowed
    the passion… the emotion
    your soul exposed
    you express in words
    cried the tears… the sorrow…. joy
    poems… recited

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