The Desert

Desert, desert swirling sands
In the silence, of no sounds
Desolation of nature
Cactus, lone standing feature.

Seeing redness of the skies
Armadillo lizard sighs
The cactus wren sings a tune
Thorny devil is immune.

Jumping Chola gives delight
Desert flora, stunning sight
Desert,no barren land, ground
Exotic species abound.

Desert holds an oasis
Giving life chance of success
Crystal clear water of spring
Quenching of thirst, it does bring.

85 thoughts on “The Desert

  1. A truly delightful read. Of only we could be as resilient as the desert. Love the way you describe the vibrancy of life in an otherwise seemingly barren environment.

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    1. Really, and thinking back I was out there in 1962 for 4 weeks, that being my introduction to the desert, it was the first, and only time I collapsed with heat stroke. Going back to the soldier, yes it was very sad, but how foolish of him.

      If you click the link again, and then click the back link, which will take you to the book of remembrance. you will find another sad memory of mine, Sid Scott, who was an acquaintance mine, along with a friend of his, died as the result of a car accident, I was one of the pallbearers of Sid, from the make do hearse to his grave. My saddest memory from that time was leaving Malta, knowing that I might never return, and I never did 😦 I hast to add that the 2 and half years I spent in Malta were some of the happiest times of my life.

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  2. So basically Southwest US, Australia, South Africa and maybe a hint of Central Mexico.. You are a person without borders… Keep travelling…

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      1. Well, Calliope, you can do that, but we mortals can’t.. We are restricted.. restrained, and sometimes reserved in our attitudes..

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      2. Well, reserved as in slow.. I already made that clear when you asked me about my real name.. I thought you could tell i have a reserved personality.. I can express only behind a mask.. I am.. Unlike you.. A coward..

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      3. What good are words.. If you can’t express them..?
        What good are memories.. If you can’t face them..?
        What good are thoughts.. If you can’t release them..?
        What good is this life..?
        What good is my life..?

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      4. Listen, nobody’s life is good, there is always something that is sad , but life has to go on. Life is a gift from god. Your life has a reason, you have to go on ! You made me cry.

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      5. I am sorry to do that Calliope.. If we ever meet.. You will realise why I said that.. Here I can release myself.. My tongue and mind betray me in real life.. It is strange.. What a veil can do?

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      6. Your poems express sadness.. You yourself bear scars.. You bare it all to see.. But you are concerned about others,Calliope.. You are a saint.. And you see good in everyone.. I bid adieu..

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