voice from the rubble

A face pressed against a window
A tumbledown shack
Grimy fingers scratch the mud away
Huge black eyes, terror stricken eyes..

There was a deathlike stillness after the explosion.
They had all gone
would they ever return
And if they did
would they come back, scarred and amputated
some reported missing..

why should there be so much hope
in the midst of death
maneouvred by man..

my mind forever shadowed
As I lay prostrate
I could not give Homer or Milton their due

would the war ever end
would my beloveds get a decent burial?
what would life be in the aftermath?

This was not renaisance
This was not metamorphosis

would we ever be whole again?


26 thoughts on “voice from the rubble

    1. I cry and die with each piece that I write. It’s all so heartfelt. I am so happy you understand the gist of my thoughts. It is actually emotionally draining. But I am like that.

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  1. What a great poetry Yassy, what people are missing is that what they resists persists. Anti-war will bring about more war. Instead they should be pro-peace, by focusing on peace, like will attract like and that’s law of attraction in action; the powerful secret of the universe.

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