Big fat lies staring in the face
Making one want to grimace.

Beautiful lies, dressed in white
Pure white lies, a delight to sight..

Truth and lies, two sides of a coin
As long as they do not hurt, its fine.

What matters is the truth
Even if it is hard hitting truth.

Fight for truth and ye shall prevail
Even if one has to go through a lot of travail.



23 thoughts on “Lies

  1. Many a truth found in poetry
    Fiction aside, the white lie
    How I wish I had told one
    But no I told the truth
    And what did i get the sack
    Lost a really good job
    All because of my gob
    But now I bite my tounge
    It hurts getting stung
    The white lies now
    Ones that hide surprises
    When one has to be divisive
    Not at all really that mean
    When smiling faces are seen
    So a white lie is fine
    To keep kiddies in line
    But when the truth matters
    What ever it shatters
    One has to be bold
    When the truth has to be told


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