Cupid hurts 

Cupid hurts …

the rest is

#senryu / haiku 


63 thoughts on “Cupid hurts 

  1. Yes , the Worli sea link is mind blowing beautiful. I travel from andherri to town to Colaba. It’s awesome. You can’t stop on the highway for pictures. Pity , that. I love Mumbai. Where do you live.

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      1. Bandra has lost its charm. Bandstand is no no! The only place I like is Taj Land’s end. It’s cozy, great ambience. Colaba has lost its beauty, too crowded. I dig Leopold Cafe. Travelling is a mess in Mumbai. Traffic is terrible lol. Pollution too. Roads are terrible but it’s safe city unlike other places in India, if you know what I mean.

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  2. He does indeed…. I think he is a mean SOB. A pissed off little a**hole that got hurt in love, so now he spends his time hurting others with impossible love.

    I love the image!! The text and picture fit together perfectly.

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