Scent Of Rain

scent of rain
on my skin
the water takes shape

51 thoughts on “Scent Of Rain

  1. A clever juxtaposition of our usual sensory connections to the rain. I felt distantly numb reading this, like a transient observer of rain molding itself to the shape of my outstretched hand while I myself faded away into the white noise.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it again – I adore the enigmatic tones of a short form piece.

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      1. They cannot be that difficult. I pull them from the tip of my tongue every day. But to make them delicious – ah, there is the difficulty. Rest assured, your work is most provocative.

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      1. I have unfounded – but never fear, I see funding on the rise for mask returns and internet-by-library murder – hopes to get caught up before parts of The World Out Here find out I have slipped inside and maskless and shotless be in some small way cognizant at virus’ diameter is less than 100 nanometers while a surgical mask of highest order allows lots more width and height for such to pass unmolested….oops, got too close to blind-folded dame with sword and scales. Again.

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