My compass--
The nib of my pen
Pointing north

On my paper
The hues of silence;
I hear my own

Cereus scents the night air:
I sleep

One breath 
At a time....
The synapse of heartstrings

In the echo of
The Milky Way-
Dreams become

112 thoughts on “21/03/2020

    1. Yes, you are so right , Michy.. poetry gives us a chance to dream and we poets are truly dreamers and all we have to call our own are our dreams and poetry of course..

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  1. “One breath at a time, the synapse of heartstrings”…….”Dreams become poetry”, reading those lines was a thing of pure beauty and absolute truth Yassy. You are amazing turning words into magic my dear, this came alive in mind and made me feel meaning. Such emotion at the tip of the pen that spilt from the heart, wonderful🌹🌹

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    1. Thank you so very much. I guess in times of stress or any time for that matter, it’s only poetry that rises to the occasion ..and I have such wonderful friends here.. wow 🤩

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      1. Very true, words are such a powerful form of relief and how they are put can determine how much pain can be alleviated from those words. Your friends here are lucky and blessed to have you.🌹

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      2. Yes, Roy , you are so right. I think you have a way with words too , most of your comments are poetry in itself.
        You both take good care. ❤️🤗

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      1. The normal answer: terrible disruptions in my life including the loss of someone close to me.

        The astrologer’s answer: a bunch of malefic planets in Capricorn transited my 4th house cusp (also called “the grave”).

        How are you?

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      2. Thanks. I am in the years when some people “retire” but that is not (yet?) possible. All the aches & pains & such without the nestegg to help. Thanks for the well wishing! You stay safe, also, and keep producing the beautiful poetry!

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      3. I could say that I was saved by four dogs and their mistress. But that would be so cryptic that only said dogs, and said mistress, would know what it really meant.
        But, these days, I am much in touch with my own sense of mortality. I must decide how to spend the remaining modicum of time I have on the planet. One thing I want to do is resurrect my astrological work and other similar writings.

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      1. Oh! I love that song , Grant.
        You are the first friend I made on the blog. We talked a lot here.
        Ahh , I doubt that I will ever become famous but I am happy that along the way I made friends like you.

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      2. Van Gogh was not famous in his lifetime. The same has been true of others. I am not saying that we are genius, but I am not saying that we are not, either. The question of the value of our words and thoughts remains open, something to be resolved later.

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      3. Rich, yes. Famous under pseudonyms, yes. But I think fame under one’s original name and identity is over-rated. Reginald Kenneth Dwight knew better. He never sought fame. But, Elton John did….

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    1. Thank you, Robbie..
      I really don’t know what’s happening because I don’t believe the media , it’s all paid news by the political world…
      But we are quarantined for a nice twenty days .. so it must be bad ..

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  2. Oh…how I missed reading your work. 🙂 This poem is beautiful and its exactly what I needed to read today. I know the world is going through dark times. But, this poem of yours made my day.

    Yassy, stay safe my friend. Hope you are well. How is it over where your at?

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      1. Oh…my….I think at this point. We’re all feeling depressed and the intense of everything going on is difficult.

        Yes, we are on partly on lockdown…they just call it stay at home and keep social distance 6 feet away. However, I’m going to share something with you. I don’t know if this is happening where you’re at. I believe next week L.A. is deploying military to our areas and making sure this generation stays at home because they are not taking the situation serious. They think its a joke but its not and its real. So, yeah…their sending in military trucks and they’ve been lined up for a while not. It’s only a matter of time.

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      2. It’s happening where I am , cops shoo away people who just loiter about , folks are still not serious about this virus threat but some stores are still open ..you can just about go out for stuff you need and hurry back home ..
        military is serious stuff but if that helps keep people safe indoors , then so be it.

        You take good care of yourself, Charlie.

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      3. As long as some stores are still open and get what we need as food, water etc. Yes, the quicker the better.

        Take care of yourself as well, Yassy. I’ll be posting more interesting and good poems on Monday. We all need a distraction from all this. Even if its 1 minute or so. 🙂

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      4. Yes, Charlie , you are right. We have to make do in all circumstances 😊
        I will take care , you too stay safe ..
        Thank you for the poetry. 👍

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