Post Trauma

Post trauma 
Is a place 
Where you try
To find a place
To put your pain in.
But pain does not fit anywhere..
There is no place for an anguished mind
Except in ones own body..
In my post' Trauma ' a few days back, comments from fellow bloggers touched me greatly..
GP Cox..bravo hats off to you
Ramone ..πŸ€—
Ajibola go boy ...
Avia..I hear you
Venessa..from saynotoclowns πŸ˜‡
James Garratt
Andy Proctor 
Thank you all for some home truths,and  wisdom wisely dispensed . I appreciate your honesty and generosity in reading and commenting.
Have a great week , guys.
Always wonderful sharing stuff with you'all...


39 thoughts on “Post Trauma

  1. You are a blessing to us, so how can we not respond from the heart? We are all hurting–somewhere, about something, someone. I wonder how the world can hold all the ache… much love, your Avia

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  2. Your poem is incredibly insightful, Yassy. Many people live with PTSD and trauma from some or other event or series of events in their lives. You do have to live with it within your own body and mind. All counselling does is give you someone to talk to about it. Often when we talk about things we find ways of dealing with the after effects and pain ourselves and that is, in my opinion, the aim. Hugs.

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