Teardrops of the sun

Draining silver of the clouds
To spin on a flaxen breeze,
Raindrops catch the golden light-
Teardrops of the sun

Singing in the summer rain
Fallen blooms paint the sidewalk
A wind chatters to the birds-
Nectarine murmurs

Sky misses a heartbeat, as
A rainbow slips a rendezvous
Into sapphire whispers-
An airbrushed prism

Suffusing emerald trees
Breathing boundless horizons
Where the sky paints its own dreams-
Auroral crescent.


75 thoughts on “Teardrops of the sun

    1. I will be dancing in your comments all day , my good friend Jo 😊!
      Thank you for saying the nicest and sweetest things. Friends like you make the world go around.
      Take care , my brainy buddy.

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    1. Thank you , dear one. I haven’t been around much. But it’s awesome to hear from you.
      I must visit you to see what you been up to.
      Love everybody here, Maggi. And you my dearest sister , are very close to my heart. It’s like I am always wondering how you are. Its become a natural instinct now.

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      1. No thanks needed, thats what we do for people we love, we love them :):):) I feel the same way. I think about you all the time. When I don’t see you, I say extra prayers that you are ok, and blessed, and I always know that you are with me :):) woven together like rays of light, or drops of water :):)

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  1. Loved the last two lines: Where the sky paints its own dreams-
    Auroral crescent.
    Just beautiful – as always! Peace and blessings! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you , Kunal. Yesterday I remembered and missed you and here you are today. Hope you had an awesome holiday !
      Finally , the weather is cool , the rains have come. How are you coping ??

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  2. It’s been a while Jasmine.
    I love coming back to your poetry to be treated to a new “nuance” of color.
    And you sure don’t disappoint with this piece.
    “Where the sky paints its own dreams” is a great line.
    I hope you have been well.
    Forrest πŸ™‚


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