Life is a journey with God. 

47 thoughts on “omnipotent 

  1. His Name is so Important. YAHVAH means Eternal Word. YAHSHUA is the Eternal Word or YAH in humanity. YAH SHUA means Eternal Salvation because He is our Salvation and Eternal Life.

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  2. So life is a journey with YAH. because the word god does not represent Him. when you say god it has a hard start with the g and and a hard end with the d. that sound does not represent Him. the sound YAH has no beginning and no end. it is a constant sound as in a moving wind. that sound is Who He Is. Eternal.

    He created(tsaVAH) in the sound of His Name and it is by His Name that creation exists. His Name is present throughout creation.

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  3. i am only trying to share. it is of utmost importance which is why His Name has been hidden from us for so long.

    the words that were used to replace His Name are actually insults. lord means baal or visa versa. so His Name was replaced with baal or lord which indicates and earthly entity.

    i will not explain what i understand the sound Jesus means because i don’t want to be offensive. His Son’s real Name YAHSHUA was changed early on to hide it from us and insult Him. Well meaning people have been lied to for centuries. the Truth is slowly being revealed.

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  4. there are so many worship songs about praising His Name and about the Holiness of His Name. We are told we are saved in His Name. We should try to know and use His real Name when praising Him.

    Most people are afraid to start using His Son’s real Name YAHSHUA because of our conditioning and the traditions that have lasted for centuries using a different name. it is difficult to talk with people about it and often causes contention between Christians.

    We should use His real Name though because it tells the world that YAH is the Creator and not any other god that has come into being in the distant past. His Name also unifies Him with YAHSHUA Who is His Word(VAH) and our Salvation(SHUA).

    That tells the world the Truth that YAHSHUA is YAH in flesh, His Word and revelation and our Salvation . One day it will all be revealed and the Truth will be universally understood.

    Christians or MessiYAH believers should use His real Name most of all. sorry for being so wordy from your one line poem. I will not go on. I go to sunset waiting for the world to change. sometimes it seems like it may, and then there are dark days like today. as you stated yesterday you have been distraught. I have too. the main reason I go to sunset is because it seems like there is nothing else I can do.

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