edge of paradise

My fingers tingle, ignite
From a fire that burns my soul
Fuel that sparkles my ink dreams
Edge of paradise.

I discover love
Through luster of distance, time
The stars hold our fire.

I linger under
A ruby moon,smattering
Of tourmaline stars
Shine on me like ancient gold
Evanescing paradise.

44 thoughts on “edge of paradise

  1. The moon and stars grow pale in the light of your beautiful words ❀
    People have always wondered what is at the edge of the world. What is at the edge of paradise? Love, true love like fire embraces the soul.

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    1. What beautiful wonderful thoughts emanate from that awesome heart of yours , Lulia. Your comment is poetry in its finest form. I feel blessed and honored to have you read my work.

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  2. “I discover love / Through the luster of distance, time”
    You’ve done it again: put into words something that I’ve been going through but never able to express. I read this and went, that’s exactly right.

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