when the poetry begins

my quill spells my soul
my soul opens like a book
words embossed in ink
they unfurl the suspense of
inquisitive, famished hearts…

teasing a thousand
sensations that beg fulfillment
a divine finesse..
when the poetry begins
art glorifies the yearning…






109 thoughts on “when the poetry begins

      1. You are too sweet, Margaret. This was a quickie, actually. I write to feel better. And it’s so heartwarming to talk with you. Hope your spinning has gone. The vertigo thing. Can you control it. How dare it bother my dear friend. ?

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      2. It’s better. I wish I could control it. I got up from the table Monday night and by the time I got to the door, it was as if someone just spun me in circles. Then it is a wave of it until it passes, followed by what I call a ripple effect. It takes a few days for that ripple to wear off. But I am blessed that it isn’t a constant spinning for days and days. How are you feeling today. I don’t like it when you are low. You deserve high always πŸ™‚

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      3. Can’t you fight it off for good. It can take you unawares , it’s frightening , you may get hurt. You have to be careful, Chiquita!you take more care, will you.
        Yeah! The only cure for my low spirits is poetry. I write and I read everyone here, that’s my remedy , hahahahaha and talking to you is good.

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  1. I’ll shout it to the world
    Your poetry will unfurl
    True magic, in words
    Your pulse beating time
    Feeding the famished
    Enlightening the learned
    Instructing lovers
    The measure of your mind
    Sublime, divine, and kind
    Your quill, your partner
    You guide it, each word
    Lifting your spirit, freedom
    Depression laid to rest
    Write on, Precious Lady
    The world awaits, write on!

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      1. Well, that is a tough one. But my birth name gave me identities that I don’t want. My pen name however is my identity. Hope you understand my dilemma and craziness on this topic..

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      2. Of course, I understand perfectly. It’s okay. Pleased to meet you, my new friend on the blog , who is very perceptive and intuitive, seems to know things. Well?

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  2. I’ve had writers block!!! I can’t believe it. I have been writing poetry since I was 15 years old. And nothing comes. Just blank. I hope it comes back. I love your poetry very much. Have you ever not been able to write?

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  3. “…When the poetry begins…” my heart will follow, my mind will wallow, my soul attached on to you. thus a poet dies when he is happy, but here life ends, poetics are alive again.

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