I bleed to embrace
my soul’s sojourn…
into a dream…a journey inwards
my dream is a poet’s promise…
a final prayer
a limitless promise
a promise forever
a heartbeat
across cosmos..
across time, space..
an angel’s touch
a ritual of love
when quills connect
across distances
that become breathless..
scared this ink
that breathes
on this breath of tears
as starlight sparks amber..

on the revelation of wisdom..

I serenade my sensesΒ 

to the romance of poetic passwords..




















115 thoughts on “bloodroot

      1. Well, I have one more then I have to run. Hubby is home this weekend and I need to start prepping for dinner. I don’t know why but he expects to eat LOL hahaha

        sweet dreams I’m sending
        dancing thoughts soon disappear
        peaceful slumber nears

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    1. life takes you places
      oft poets lead the way
      guiding ones mind
      poetic licence
      imagination… fiction
      planned… heartfelt… intense
      musicians create
      the food of love… your plight
      poets music… words
      Yasmin… poetic
      her words explore her passions
      emotions laid bare
      you feel… i do too
      her hurting… her deep pain
      her joy at thrilling
      her journey… her words
      imagined… or truth… calling
      a cry for help
      she stands proud
      let know one put her down
      her words far reaching
      a precious lady
      one in a million
      her words lay paths to follow
      Yasmin’s map… routes scribed with love
      just months of friendship
      she’ll be my muse forever
      Yasmin… she found me
      Inspired by your good self my lord Zoolan, and the poetry of a precious Lady. Yasmin

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      1. I wrote my last two because you and other friends that I have say they miss my post, so I make the effort which is good for me. I can’t thank you enough.

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  1. I can see the red sap of bloodroot.. I see the pain.. I see the words being written after and during the process of crying.. I see myself entering your world through secrets of your poetry.. I see acceptance of reality and yet I see an ambition.. And in that ambition a hope.. I see experience and willingness to accept.. But still the embrace is too tight to let it go.. At least for now… the healing will begun.. Than again this is what I feel..

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    1. Yes, the red sap are my thoughts my ink , it’s almost eerie, you describe exactly how I feel. It’s giving me goosebumps, do I know you from somewhere, are you clairvoyant, how do you read so much in so few, are you a philosopher or are you a psychologist?
      Fate holds me in a tight embrace, i want to break the bonds but it’s not letting up, oh well! I don’t need no agony aunt. I can look after me!

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  2. Neither one of the above. I am but just a man… One that is falling and failing. Nonetheless the talent of your expression is beyond my reach…I just see you the way you want me to see.. But as a human I can be and perhaps will be as I have been, wrong…

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    1. You can fall but cannot fail. Just a matter of time before the falling and the failing stops. Hope is something that fools me all of the time and still.., it’s good to read what you think. I really appreciate! And I don’t think you are wrong , at all.

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      1. A friend of mine once told me.. It is the tendency of men to steal the show for themselves.. The post celebrates your expression. Sorry for babbling about my problems.. But if you can take an advice for me.. Whenever you are in doubt.. Just look down.. You are standing on your own two feet.. No one was helping you to stand..No one ever will.. So you have to help yourself.. You are the only person that actually can..

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      2. Yes, I realize that only I can help myself. I am stronger than most. That’s what I think lol , yup , we stand on , our own feet, well, we fall and pick ourselves up. That’s some great advice. No one told me that before , yay 😊 what a fabulous thought.

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