I lose myself

I lose myself ...among wildflowers..
I mind-cut through the rust of mundane thoughts...
resuscitating words and laying them out in the radiance
of the sun.

the sun seeps gold
through my hair....awakening
slumberous reflections..

words shape themselves...cutting through the miasma..
my gut goes candid..I retreat into where I bleed alone..
holding on tightly to the unwavering companionship of
my fervor..

an organic wind
carries syllables to me..
I play my pen

a quill haloed by mentors of destiny..destiny slams its 
door..like a zealot with the devil in his eyes.

words course through the 
virgin of my sternere..
I have come home...


108 thoughts on “I lose myself

  1. I have to say the second last line stumped me completely. First I read it as sterner. And I couldn’t understand what the line expressed..
    Than I read correctly sternere, and I thought OK! But than I realised I don’t know what it implies. It got me more confused.. I know the only word close to it is sterno. But that didn’t make any sense. So finally I thought I should do what I should have done in the first place, Ask you..

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      1. Well I google it. And I got more confused. Apparently my initial thought of it as a relative of Sterno was correct. But that doesn’t make any sense.. The two meanings are like heaven and earth now. So treat me like a dumb person and please explain.. Sorry.. Once again..

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      2. Very simply put, layout , spread , what’s inside. i Hope you feel better now. Thank you. You just have to feel the lines, my dear friend.


      3. No you got me wrong. I understood the meaning. I apologise if I didn’t make that clear.
        I will never accuse your post of being vague.
        It was the word choice that ticked me off. I know its late but you can see in my earlier post I said the two meanings will be like heaven and earth. So I got the meaning from the first time I read it.
        Again sorry if I mislead you into believing that I thought your line was vague..

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      4. Nah, it’s okay. I actually was talkin to another person when I was talking with you, my bad. Lol. Don’t apologize. See you buddy.


  2. Destiny slams its door, like a zealot with the devil in his eyes! Yassy, your poetry is so emotional, the body moves when a person reads it sometimes. You are emotionally amazing my dear! 🌹🌹

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  3. Your haibun a crescendo
    Gradually exploding words
    Falling forming verse
    The likes of such
    Here first read
    The wonder of words
    Deftly by your quill
    Transcribed, equalling
    The sun, radiating
    Brightness, breathing
    Adding life
    To barren paper
    One can sense
    Its rapture, now employed
    Write on dear Yasmin
    Write on!

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  4. wildflowers pressed
    you share their pain… revive their will
    resuscitate… water…
    the sun… your friend… shines
    enhancing nature… now glows
    your words… warm feelings
    looking at the stars
    I see the sandman coming
    no… i yawn… bed calls

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  5. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    I tried here in the library to look up “sternere” and merely moved close, mayhap. My OED (American) might offer insight. You? Best ask Yasmin. Yassy? Hey! You guys, just read and enjoy, the quibble can wait.

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  6. The big dictionary here at the library unavails. “Sternere” even in context leaves quandaried me. Mayhap my OED (American) may help. Now, Bruce has admitted to coignage in the past when I queried: is that the case? In any event, even that minor signpost – sighpost, more like it – leaves me breathless in the honest, fierce and burning, and lyricism equally fierce. You may lose yourself, Yassy, and we shall pick up glad pieces and parcels and be richer for them.

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