shadows flirt

shadows flirt across
moonlit dreams......
I breathe together
a new poem...


62 thoughts on “shadows flirt

  1. That’s why they dance and intertwine with one another. And then to be given a story from someone like you…..they now have a colorful purpose, no longer that of which is black and white. Beauty Yassy.

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  2. i flirt as i gaze
    your words transfix my thoughts
    we breath together
    across space… time heals
    loneliness… flirting with words
    a poets privilege
    to share the moon…
    sat looking together
    dreams permitting
    i flirt in fun…
    or do i wish for more
    brain… stopped… joking
    to flirt
    with words…

    Thanks my muse, again you have me inspired, forever on my shoulder.

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  3. As Harry said ‘Breathe’ gives it a divine meaning.
    I like such poems in which changing a few words change the demeanour of the whole literary expression.
    Like I could change your your expression with :-
    Silhouette appear across
    Moonlit dreams…
    I breathe life in
    A forgotten memory…

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      1. I wonder if I would have found your Haiku if you haven’t read my Annoyed Haiku post. So all thanks to you.
        P. S. I really thought no one will understand my post let alone like it.

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    1. Ooops: first tine was supposed to count to seven sillybles: so I suggest: “L must laugh so glat at this.” But in my copy on Richwrapper – properly reported as “stolen” from your site – both ways. ‘Scuse: now I go scribe the above sending.

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