sine qua non

shape shifting balance
a cabal metamorphosis
of stigmatized beliefs
apocalyptic orders
of a new world order
hegemony of freemasonry
setting a paradigm
greens riding 
on the backs 
of globalists..
a peace tourniquet

surgery of the brain
without anesthesia
scalpels like daggers
piercing concise incisions
cloning ellipsis
revolution of the invasion
alien to human spirit
immortality of darkness

sine qua non

peace...a tourniquet

does not feel like home anymore



38 thoughts on “sine qua non

  1. Excellent poetry yassy. Somehow we have to keep the love shining through. There is a lot of anger in the UK after the recent events in London, mainly directed at the politicians whose answers are soundbites and a lack of action. We need to reclaim our Earth.

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    1. I realize how difficult it must be , things like these disrupt peace , life and the whole structure of society. Yes, we want our planet to be happy and peaceful.

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    1. Lol. I only have a pen and a notepad. My forever companions. And my nib is blunt , joker , I can only walk a way with words. πŸ€“πŸ€”, hope all is well with you my friend.

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      1. Some people had less than that and made a difference lovely……your nib maybe blunt but your mind is sharp. 😁. All is good with me, I hope the same for you and your wonderful ❀️. You are a piece of work Yass…..a lovely one at that. You stay you.πŸ™‚

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  2. Happiness, no more, no less
    It’s out there somewhere
    A least that is my guess
    But lets give peace a chance

    Sadly the free people of the world put the wrong people in power.
    To late we realise the error of choice, bad power, people devourer
    To late instigators of war, hate, evil, impose their ways on people
    Come on free people of the world make it known were not feeble
    We don’t want war, hate, fear or evil to rule our wondrous planet
    So next time we choose our leaders let us mandate them to ban it
    Happiness, peace,, love for each other, empathy for the needy,
    Its all out there for all to share, wars wont set us free, believe me

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      1. You look like Trent , you. Don’t you have any new videos. Your voice is interesting to hear. Well, I am not very good at guessing anybody’s age, for that matter. πŸ€”

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