God's gift
to mankind.
the terrorists
excuse for killing
in name of religion
no religion, faith condones
murder or suicide in God's name
the frustration of demented minds
manifests itself in this destruction


to all the people , in Syria, London, Paris, Kabul........



118 thoughts on “terror

  1. Qur’aan quotes “One who killed a single human being with injustice killed the whole humanity and one who saved a single human being thus saved humanity”

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      1. There is nothing but pain, only pain , I wonder sometimes what happiness is like ? You learn to live with it. It becomes part of your smile. Missed me , Brucey. Where do you disappear?


      2. As an answer to query elsewhere: I have been on modified walkabout, Yassy. Helping out Sister-in-Law with chores after a dizzy dozen days dealing with her spouse, my younger brother Storm. Told the girl decades ago he was high maintenance and needed regular kicking to keep in working order. And then he goes and volunteers to cook for and host 100 Daughters of The American Revolution at their Turtle Crossing manse out East of Sanford. So, I trimmed trees busily encroaching on parking areas; moved massive pots of plants I had moved but two months before to escape the ravages of Hurricane Irma; moving furniture – thankfully the delightful dowagers of DAR will bring chairs enow – and, probably will be back mid December to tote tree, dress same and do the unanticipated sweat-shedding stuff: after all, one has but one younger brother and keeping him around makes me feel good. Also, just got threat of elder brother – and spouse – deigning to delight us with a January visit – all this took place, the news thereof that is, at November 10 (U.S. Marine Corps 242ns annivarsary of our license to steal from both The Army and The Navy – at a well-loved Orlando steakhouse. Storm shed his salad my way, too; and, what could be better a supper Superfied as with a second salad? Eldest Glenn…hmmm, what to say? Like his youngest brother I love him, but we never were friends and probably ol’e stoneface still finds me a bit much. But he was the one who stuck my lunch-fork into my thigh that 13-year-old Summer noon when I decline the honor of letting him take my bicycle out to the Navy Base to go to the swimming pool as I had announced on my second serving of waffles and bacon and grapefruit and just pails and pails of milk as mom kept cranking out the dentet pillows of broken fast’s deliciousness. I plucked out the fork, licked it and since I knew Glenn was a prodigious mover of calories from plate to mouth I had time to vex his attempt to expropriate my bike. But that is another story, dear Yasmin. I have long days of unposted poetry to complete. I beg your indulgence of this – not my only – escape from this chair and this screen and my delight of typing away to you and others who make my life so much richer. The youngest niece will be home – allegedly – from a teaching/research sting in Manchester U with stops at Cambridge and Paris, and the eldest – my dear heart whom I first taught the true words to “Wild Thing” which her younger cousin then counseled her seven-grade English teacher causing said worth to fall off her stool and roll about the floor laughing her prim and proper petunia off her nethers. But I dither. No More. On to origami with words!

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  2. This is so well done, true, heart wrenching, just so many things wrapped up into one, beautiful Yassy. We are all God’s children, His word says we are to love each other, as we love Him. Where is the love for Him, when someone kills one of His children? Heartbreaking.

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  3. It saddens me to watch the news and see what is happening in all parts of the world.
    I cry and wonder where is god? Why is he letting all this sickness and evil happen in our world.
    I’m not a god believer…but in the end, whose to blame is mankind. We are all divided, different beliefs and different views of the world.

    Everything saddens me…:( Powerful poem Yassy.

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      1. War is money ! It generates money , I guess. You have to have lots of stuff to make war. It’s business for all. How terrible. Humanity , humane, are just words , all of us are going down. Third World War will wipe everything out.

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  4. life
    God’s gift
    to mankind.
    the terrorists
    excuse for killing
    in name of religion
    no religion, faith condones
    murder or suicide in God’s name
    the frustration of demented minds
    manifests itself in this destruction

    Can we close the gap
    Let love bond all life
    As a whole could
    Utopia be realised

    terror by men misled by evil… hatred
    will they learn there sacrilegious way
    offend Gods none condone their evil
    kill… murder… children, innocents
    they even kill their illiterate own
    terrorists, not human, devils
    prey for their salvation
    radicalised by evilΒ 
    they know notΒ 
    of sin

    Can I, may I post this as a collaboration, please precious Lady Yasmin

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  5. Wow! Your already powerful words… the indisputable truths you speak of… your compassionate acknowledgment of those who’ve suffered loss due to horrific terrorist acts… will all be amplified by the power of the pyramid… by the pyramid template with which you chose to present everything.

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  6. I just got an idea, since I was in the army and fought these nutcases, I’m going to start a “security” company, and train you, only you and me that is, we are an army of…… two, And we go there and take care of business.

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      1. I hope you know the reason that am I meant. Well the reason that I’m talking about is the reasoning faculty that the Creator gave us. But most people usually lost it and they think through hearsay and heresy. I kinda think you’re correct when you said reason is lost but I never lost it anyway. 😏

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