My writings 

My purity

lies in the 


Of the ink on my page
Watashi no jundo 

uso ~de


No sono inku ni ji buno no peji.

52 thoughts on “My writings 

  1. Intriguing and beautiful. I am lost in translation – the story of my life – but the translator reads, ‘My luggage is lying in that god of that badge. Is it?’ ‘God of that badge’? Help, Lady Yasmin.

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  2. You reflect the light
    In your written words
    From within your person
    Your purity flows
    Out to the stars and beyond
    The universe now filled…
    with your honesty, passion
    Write on, write on precious Lady

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  3. Pure as spring water from the untouched mountain tops Yassy, your words are inspiring and can touch the most distant heart love. You are a big part of why I smile when I log on, you give me pure smiles from the heart and I thank you. ;o)

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