The stars come out
like lamplights in the silken dark
croonings of birds fade
nests lull their trembling feathers

I sit captive in
an angst that entwines my heart
tears dissolve into
darkening hues of the night
drenching my bossomed lattice.



66 thoughts on “silent

  1. I find it hard
    to bleed my inner feelings
    tissues close to hand
    my tears write words i fear
    fortunately illegible
    tis early morning
    all in bed tucked up warm
    my mind set free
    the silence and me are one
    I reflect on yesterday
    poetry i wrote
    a cold eventful walk
    a little egret
    reflecting done fresh new day
    already pen to paper
    the stars their fading
    no its tears that cloud my eyes
    poetry precious
    as the hand from which words flows
    inciting fiction feelings
    words flow from my heart
    as blood runs through my veins
    poetry wrote well
    inadvertent transfusions
    inspirations from a friend
    Take care Yasmin, your words scare me!

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      1. You write with great feeling its difficult not to read truth into what you write. It makes me feel so inadequate, until I hear those magic words, “It’s fiction”, however to me it’s like watching a sad, movie, even a happy one, both can bring an emotional tear to my eye. But, not for one second am I suggesting that you refrain from expressing yourself in anyway you want, no, just pointing out how powerful your words are, and how they an affect me personally. I find inspiration in all your work, and wait with baited breath for your next..

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      2. Oh wow , you really make me feel special, I respect you very much. You write awesome and you appreciate my work , well I am so so delighted. I promise to write a crazy silly poem to cheer up my best buddy here! Sending hugs to your family ! Bless you Mick!😊

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