abc of love

Attraction of great magnitude
Bestowing heart with tenderness
Chemistry acts as catalyst
Divine sensations that vibe, thrill
Endowing spirit with elation
Fulfilling urges of the soul
Galvanizing all desires
Heart’s sensitivity gives zeal
Intimacy keeps beckoning
Joyous climax of empathy
Keynotes of romance always played
Lavishing passion’s ecstasy
Magical spurts of day dreaming
Nesh in the daily humdrum
Optimism seeks hopeful ways
Pacifying all life’s troubles by
Quenching the thirst of heart and soul
Rapture that only love can give
Sacred sanctity of feelings
Twirling from deep inside the verve
Urges that tend to overrun
Vetting the appetite for more
Wakening to the thought of love
Xanthum like bonding of lovers
Yearnings that keep manifesting
Zodiacs orbiting for love.

83 thoughts on “abc of love

  1. An ABC reply,
    Adoration inspired by your poems.
    Beholden to the magic you exude.
    Challenging the most hardened hearts.
    Devoted to the mystic of natural habitats.
    Exploring love, its rapture, and its hurts.
    Flexing your word power, for all to read,
    Gallivanting, hop, skip, and jumping all across the page.
    Hilariously amusing, bringing smiles when least expected.
    Introvert, and extrovert, what ever mood she isΒ in.
    Joyfulness, lovingness, politeness, and empathy if required.
    Karma of an Angel, her virtues all allude to goodness,
    Love expressed in poetry, transcribed with much tenderness.
    Mindful not to offend, hurt, or cause bad feelings.
    Nocturnally inspired, she explores the universe.
    Occasionally divulging secret memories, from another time.
    Pertaining to a land, where peace is life’s only way.
    Returning, awakening to reality, not easy to succumb
    Spectacular her journeys, at each place she leaves a legacy,
    Text explaining her love, her pain, all transcribed in sand.
    Unrestricted devotion to her kin, and in all she believes.
    Vexed, a momentarily exception to events that vex us all.
    Wishful, as is often, the hopes, and thoughts of all.
    Xeric might be her land. but her tears, a contradiction
    Zest for life exposed in the spirit of a precious Ladies words

    About you and dedicated to you!


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      1. Unexpected, I am still recovering, please don’t ask, just enjoy my words as much as I enjoy yours. I will say that your words, and those of others, help me transcend to a level where I can momentarily forget my suffering and selfishly my wife’s too. Please ask me no more. Please leave things the way they are, I am happy, and it is my wish by virtue of my words to make the world a happier place too. Bless you Yasmin, and please never stop your writing, long may it continue to take me places where my soul can roam free.


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  2. 😊❀️ and you call me genius. This is breathtaking Yaz. You made me feel so soft and sweet. Like a fleece blanket and a candle. Love it. I did a little baby copy cat on mine ❀️ we should post ours together. I did this style for alpha and omega. Our ABCs are pretty cool!!!!

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  3. Great work.

    If you don’t mind, it reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago.

    The Reason Y

    A did all the paperwork, E supplied the brawn,
    I did whatever was left, while O cheered us on,
    U said nothing much at all, hoping this would pass,
    Y? To not be one of those doomed to die enmasse.

    And there’s always plenty of A’s and E’s
    While the I O U’s amass!

    So if you’re asked the question,
    Why millions upon millions still die
    Say it’s thanks to the work of A, E, I, O, and U.
    That’s the real reason Y.

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