encrimsoned skeyey

O Sun! Thou give life day in and day out
arching the sky, azure heavens devout.
Thee blazes bright wrapping the day warming
bedight the welkin hearth so bright shining.

Thy verve bequeaths all life on earth to breathe
illumes warmth over many like a wreathe
Thine pathways stretch through countless interlace
wheron the earth’s orbit that trails the space.

Natures transcends limits set by man’s thoughts
carved by instincts, fears of dangers are fraught
Thither gaze tarry on woven damask
vault’s vibrant hues afore the eyes abask.

Rising, shining, theron, at each dawning
dipping gracefully down ere ‘nother gloaming.


18 thoughts on “encrimsoned skeyey

      1. A pleasure yassy. I am intrigued by old English language. I have a book called Telling Dildrams and Talking Whiff-Whaff which is a compendium of antiquated words from English provincial language. It is worth looking at if you haven’t already read it.

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      2. It is mystifying somehow , this olde English . Well, I haven’t read that book, it’s a pity I won’t be able to find it at my local book store , is it available online?

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