nightfall quietly descends as twilight brightens
dusky welkin, effulgence lighting darkness
heavens blushing with solar star’s afterglow
crespescule lustre

moon crescents to illumine sapphire lanterns
glowing in a satiny black swathe of sky
stupor of slumber wraps round eyelids to wreathe
a glaze of thralldom…

24 thoughts on “nightfall

  1. You should patent the twilight and dawn and dusk, since you write such amazing lines on these. 😁
    Such beautiful flow, impeccable diction and the whole bringing to life that I remarked on your recent ‘red sun’…leaves me feeling gratified that I get to experience the beauty of those occurences when I read writings such as these.

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    1. I love the beauty of nature. You can never be alone. I loved to paint too but I gave it up. I can sit staring at the sea all day long or get lost in the mountains n forests. Nature is awesome. It only gives.

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      1. He will love to read what you just said. He is a big ‘nature’ person.
        I can’t even draw a circle to save my life, forget about painting. πŸ˜‚

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