soul symphony

So natural, this sense of belonging
An embodiment grounded in earth,
Made from the tangibility of soil.
O people made from clay, people of the soil
Love this earth which gives so much.
The power of ownership of universe
Should have imbibed heart with wisdom
For the veneration of nature and all its goodness
An instinctive sense of ecclesiastical
tending to the soul’s essence, perceiving its immortalness.
A fusion of realism and surrealism
An omnipotent sign warming quintessence
To give an analysis to a sacrament
In ultimate humanity
Faith, the infinitesmal point in the human intellect
As the substanstiability of the spirit
Believes in the purity of that Higher Power
A mortal inspired by His virtue
The devil himself believes in God, but his end will come.

The incorporeal soul and the psyche believes
In the promise of heaven
A heart hopeful of a world with one protocol
The credence that truth will prevail.

76 thoughts on “soul symphony

  1. This is a very beautiful work. Thanks so much. I have tried to convey in my poems sometimes, the sense of wonder, magic, that is there when I slow the mind to get a peek at what is beyond.. ‘An instinctive sense of ecclesiastical… tending to the soul’s essence…. ‘
    But I have never achieved this clarity of expression. Respect! Tony ๐Ÿ™‚

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