William’s rainbow



Words worth more than a pot of gold

As rustic bards of wisdom unfold

A prismatic arc beckons dreams

Treading chimerical pathways of

A rainbow that delights the eye

Even as life goes on and gets old

A Prelude to shining vagaries

Unfolding on varnished empyrean

Enveloping a boundless cosmos

Entwining generations in

Races and colors of humanity

As children become The Magnum Opus

Of future creation, tomorrow’s optimism

Bound by principles and ethics of souls

Passed on for eternity

Fitting into the mind of the world.


38 thoughts on “William’s rainbow

      1. tony (heh we should call it the ambigulope)… no I go soon but Ulingana still gets your poems along with a select one or two others. woo hoo. So will still enjoy your stuff when I have time & internet (1st december I actually travel..)

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  1. great poem, speaking or rainbows, the interesting thing is that just a week or two ago, I saw a rainbow right in my backyard, the end was literally meters from my residence (on a neighbors property). Such a thing has never happened in the decade plus since I moved in. Wonder what it means?

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  2. Writing can most certainly do that! Thank god I could right click on a few words and search Bing, it made
    all the difference for me appreciating the beauty of your write.

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  3. I read people’s comments before I read your poem…and I was urged by them to read your poem…flawless! My poetic sense feels completely intimidated by yours! Great job and great talent too

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