twilight sky 

twilight sky frames 

my window 

I look for the moon,

to light my pillow 

13 thoughts on “twilight sky 

  1. Your words carry alot of weight with me, Yas, so I have to weigh what you said. But, mostly, I rave like a banshee, stick my foot in mymouth, and sometimes change things for the better, or sometimes maybe for the worse. The award taught me how to toot my own horn a little bit (okay — a big bit, as I’ve kindof gone ovrboard, no?).

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      1. No, I’ve lived too long to have been able to keep it all on the level. But, really, let’s get you to toot your own horn. What would it sound like? I guess mine’d be a shofar, or perhaps a “Trump”-et!

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