falling shadows 

falling shadows-
only the trees talk to me

on this quiet paved road

28 thoughts on “falling shadows 

  1. when the trees talk they say
    “you stand in my shade,
    I give you shelter to live
    and clean air to breathe yet
    you cut me down with the axe
    made from the wood of my kind,
    you may not know what gratitude and love means,
    oh! man you have given me air to breathe, I forgive you for gratitude and love means everything to me”
    and I walk down the shade ashamed with a heart filled with guilt and regret.

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      1. I’m not very literary… I will look up these people as I don’t know the names but they are surely famous? I did a post a while back on Japanese poetry I’d come across but I have no real understanding of the subject, just an appreciation of the conciseness and beauty of what I read. In the same spirit I read your poem above, and it gave me the same simple…’ah..yes’ !!

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