walk with me in my dreams
in a satiny night sky
with stars sparkling by
the moon giddy with delight
as we sleepwalk through the night

in the silence of deep slumber
our thoughts connect with each other
a dream walk mesmerizing
hearts with love’s glow blazing
this flame that is all embracing

let’s sleepwalk into each other’s dreams
get drenched in heavenly streams
where our feet will take us, I don’t know
holding hands, never wanting to let go
with you, I need to go all the way, though

I don’t want this night to ever end
let the daylight back to darkness bend
as we look into each other’s eyes
we know we have found a love so true
lets give our love its due

in my dreams, come walk with me
we don’t need nobody no more
to each other, let’s hold on to
walk the path strewn with golden dew
to lonely dreamless nights, an adieu.


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