I felt the erratic fluttering of my pulse
As I sat huddled in the darkness
Throbbing palpitations of the heart
Unrhythmic contractions and dilations
As pain dug deep into my flesh…trying to find the bone
My spine tingled as fingers of torment
Brushed through the entire chord….
Alarms bells in my head….signals transmitting to the nerves
A feverish agony..probing, proding corners
Left untouched by the searing ire of disease
Time ridden cells taking their toll
A fee paid with life bestowed
The pain screamed in my ears
Or was it my voice?
No longer able to recognize my voice
Gone hoarse pleading for mercy..
Now death stood defiant..dark and morose
The invincible, inevitable
Was it the glory of white or the gore of black
Death riding fierce…robed in the gear of soul taking
Pain would not let me go gently
Wreaking havoc…breaking spirit…soul
Destroying the body…pliant
Yearning for the sleep
That would leave pain behind
On the other side….
As the body melted into earth
My spirit lay gazing at the stars
As I parted with pain….

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