In Memory

i die a little everyday 
every breath I take
i miss the people i have lost

89 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. We don’t get sad and look ahead … we’re losing someone right now … and we don’t even know about it … it’s our curse, Yasmin, that we know….PAST , Future….present… one moment πŸ™‚

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  2. Resonates. We all die a little every day, I love this Yassy ❀️ the more we live, the more we die, the more people we love, the more we lose, the more we love, the more will die. Still I choose more, not less, open not closed, painful and beautiful – this exquisite life. You are a wonderful poet my friend, you pluck heartstrings into a tune that reverberates with the simplest and truest of words.

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    1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful thought. It makes me happy to know you. We are connected in a way that surpasses all boundaries. It’s truly a beautiful feeling to know another kindred spirit. Thank you, Kate. Be well.

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  3. I was really impacted by a TEDTalk called β€œWe don’t move on from grief…We move forward with it” by Nora McInerny. You will get to a point where your loss is a part of you but not only just defining you.

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      1. Spring is near dear Yassy. I must finish five stories. Always something to be done. I wish I had time to read some books. I bought many from the wordpress writers. Hard to find time to read. We must challenge ourselves. I lost father and mother last year. Writing had been my friend. Good to release to paper. You can do it dear Yassy. You are amazing.


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