Alone in a poem
My words and I;

# Gendai Haiku

89 thoughts on “16/12/2020

    1. Thank you sweetest ❤️ I am trying to be stronger. Getting back to my feet with this little verse. Thank you for your support. I don’t know what I would do without your love and kindness 🤗🙏🏼bless you lots lots hugs 🤗 hugs 🤗 🤗


      1. Just take things slow, sweetheart–grief has its own rhythm and time table. You are as strong as you are beautiful and gifted with talent…you’ll come through this season, I PROMISE💕💔💖💝💟 And thank YOU for the blessing and hugs, I love it all!

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      2. Oh my, you don’t know how much you bless my heart by saying I’m “family”–a million thank you’s!!! And I sure hope you visit me some day…I still want to cook/bake for you💖💕💝

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      3. You are family , sweetheart.. this is a real bond. They say that the best things in life can be felt .you do not need to see the air to see that it helps you breathe. You are like that. Even if it’s the last thing I do , I certainly am going to come see you , you can cook, I will do the dishes and then we will talk and talk till we hear the birds singing to bring in the dawn .. may that dawn come.


      4. Oh what a WONDERFUL scene you’ve painted, Yassy–you know I’m a night owl, so we truly will talk till dawn! And thanks in advance for doing the dishes, you’re too sweet!! Love you to the MOON–blessings on your day, God Promises! 💖

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      5. So we get to see the sunset and the sunrise.
        Love you to the moon, the stars and Venus .,
        Lol I am beginning to look forward to this. Ah! Something to look forward to. Thank you for brightening up my day. You look after yourself. 🙏🏼🤗


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