Smile is a word that curves upon your lips ..

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    1. Actually come to think of it , nobody smiles with sincerity.. everybody has something going on in their heads and heart .. I know it for a fact because it happens to me, you think you can put on a testy face for the world to see, no way .. nobody wants to really wipe your tears. Most people I know are fake…,oh ! I have lots of friends but I know there really no shoulder that one can put their head and bawl like crazy .,

      But your depression is creative ., you write beautifully feeling that way. I think poetry is pain .

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      1. It’s at least what people want, of others, for their genuineness and sincerity to come forth.

        Love is the only emotion that does not have existence, does not have physical matter, to it. That means we simply see it, in rarity. We see Hell so much more often than we see the Heaven of a person’s heart.

        This is why people are in denial of God, of true love, I believe.

        People will state that marriage is needless, and that we should only trust ourselves. In my eyes, that’s the same as giving into defeat.

        People are very much more willing to hurl forth their sadness, their miseries, and even share them with the world, over love. As in, love is not ever passed around, like candy in the streets.

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      2. I think in all honesty we writers and poets are sincere people .. we cannot deny love..I think we cannot ever deny anything at all, we have to , we are in need to put forth our hearts through our poetry. That is as honest we can get.
        Yes, you are right.. people see as they please , it’s a matter of convenience maybe ..

        Well, I am in defeat 😊 am happy to say ..

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      3. And… love should not ever be “passed around” so easily. It comes rare, when it is true. And, when it is lost, there is a pain that makes you want to die along with it.

        The physical is like a wall of flesh. Drop enough of that guard to allow love to flow in, and it can either be the greatest gift or the greatest mistake.

        Oh, it will flow in you, like nothing else has ever been felt. Though, all love is felt with the completeness of trust. We break our own shield to the feeling of love. We tear down our own walls, to allow that person in.

        Does love require work, to keep it alive? Sure. Though, that can easily go on the side of obsession, making love what so many other poets have called it, a “madness”.

        I wish for sincerity in others. I wish for genuineness from others. I want that, as do so many other people.

        I see when others can tell that someone is being “fake”. Though, that has only half-penetrated straight to what they know of that person. I say, “The more we get to know of a person, the less we know of ourselves. The more we get to know ourselves, the less we know of the world.” And… that’s vulnerability.

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      4. I don’t mind my vulnerability. Vulnerable means you are strong and secure. Even if you hurt somewhere along the way, it’s worth the pain. I think love is worth the pain. It’s a madness that is beautiful..and sane.

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  1. I added some more lines:

    smile is a word that curves on her lips
    to the red of her cheeks that speaks
    of a passion sanguine and the light there in
    that shines from lighthouse eyes
    to nurture the turbulent seas, to bring
    ragged ship home for an hour, a day
    or just one moment in the warm peaceful bay

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