Hello Allen, Hello Jack

Emotions write themselves into verses
Words ...lonesome 
in their longing to be heard
A quill-- bleary nibbed
And a poem that looks me
in the eye
Hello Allen, Hello Jack...
mismanaged emotions 
stagger into a bereft page
my longing to write 
is almost narcotic..
staring into hallucinating clouds
riding on the back of lightening
thunder slaps my ears..
I hear sirens in the 2.a.m sky
their red neon lights revolve 
into reflections...
I blink..eyes vermilion
in the shadows of sleep..

time hangs motionless...
time has gone to sleep
hello Allen, hello Jack..
you beat me to it..

59 thoughts on “Hello Allen, Hello Jack

      1. The only link I can find is this one:http://www.poeticdiversity.org/main/poems-fea.php?nameCode=JackAlanShafer&date=2004-05-01
        He had a book with an isbn but it is out of print. He printed a few chapbooks which he sold locally and had a cd. If you like I can see whether it’s possible to send you the mp3s from that out of my itunes – not sure if it’s possible and logistically I’m likely not going to get to that until sunday, but if you like, let me know and I can try.

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      1. I love writing too… But, don’t have the courage to post it on my social media accts. That’s why i created my acct. last night. 😊 Try to visit it. I have a poem there though it’s not too deep as yours. Thank youuuu. You inspire me a lot. Been reading your writings. 😊

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  1. As always, I like your stuff.
    I have to remember that the Beats wrote at a certain time and space which is reflected in their writings. I like their stylings. However, there are times when I find their writing content somewhat immature and self-obsessive and, given their treatment of women, not really living up to their supposedly socially-conscious purposes. I am also perhaps not all that enamoured of the self-destructive, drug-addled lifestyles which they present as showing a deeper level of emotional awareness than us mere mortals.

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    1. I know what you mean. I agree with you , you are right on what you say. Totally agree with you.
      I found bokowski poetry to be raw and a little animalistic. What do you think?
      I hope I don’t piss anyone off here.


  2. Thanks for Bukowski. I hadn’t heard of him. So I checked out his poetry. I really. really liked his style. Yet, yes, some of his content reflected much of that sexual preoccupation (or maybe emotional immaturity) typical of the times. Maybe it had to.
    However, maybe he saw it for what it was more than most. The stuff I read, he didn’t seem to be really glorifying his experiences. He seemed more bemused by it all. It seemed that he was kind of downplaying it, saying this is my life and it’s no great shakes, however it is what I do.
    It’s too bad that alcohol and other drugs work they way that they do on some folks. They don’t get the chance to get beyond it and truly see their experiences in hindsight.
    With his style, one can only wonder what he would have had to say sober.

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  3. Allen and Jack used to hang out on my block. True story. They often frequented Paradise Alley at 501 East 11th, NYC, while we lived at 515. Those were wonderful days – the days of the Beatniks…the days of odd and hempy aromas wafting about the block, mixing with the smell of salted codfish and ethnic cooking oils in the alleys, art everywhere, while Puerto Rican kids played street games, co-mingling with the children of first generation Europeans, domino games on the street till the wee hours atop kitchen tables brought out to the sidewalk…the beginning of the death of innocence. Apologies for my rant. All the best – Michael

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      1. I will do so. Anything specific you care to hear about? I do not want to leave you with the impression that I was their contemporary, by any means. But I absolutely did see them around the neighborhood. Much of their pamphlets and printed material was kept in a storefront adjacent to our tenement, a firetrap for sure. Can send a picture of what that used to look like. You can compare it to the current view on Google earth. Night and day. I will think back and rejoin you here.

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