Selene’s breath

Stars weave gloss into my trail
Stroking a dazzling moonlit grail.

Crepescule clouds sigh, moon
Into a mournful alabaster rune.

I waltz into Selene's argent beam
She sparks pearly lustrous dream.

Sipping nectar darkness lent
Heart yearns jasmine scent.

A mystique drift of nocturnal cries
Awakening misty night with fireflies.

Dim of a mildewed sky folds
Ebony lattice of reveries holds.

Silvery satiny ribbon cascade dawned
Night's pewter breath lilts beyond.

71 thoughts on “Selene’s breath

    1. I heard you murmur my name , I thought I was dreaming but I actually heard my twin whisper ! I think we both are telepathic. I swear there is some connection , Diana. What a beautiful bonding. I needed a sister and I have one now. It’s a comforting thought, can’t even express how awesome I feel.


      1. I know that on SoundCloud! It’s not about knowing anything, George, it’s all intuitive , some things you simply know inspite of not really knowing , I hope you get my point.
        See, I feel I know you even though I have not met you in person , it’s like that ! Something comforting! Some things can’t be explained. It’s too pure and gentle.

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      2. Thanks, Lady Yasmin. I do get the point you’ve made. It’s just a shame the world isn’t full of Lady Yasmin’s. It would be a much better place. Have a great day, I’m sweating on the result of The Arsenal game later on!

        Liked by 2 people

      3. You welcome, Lord Zoolon. Thank you for all your good thoughts , Jurg!
        You have a nice weekend. I will leave you to your game. Wishing them good luck. Enjoy the match , Lord Zoolon.

        Liked by 1 person

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