after midnight

softened whimpers
sparked by tribulation
fingers quaver as tears are wiped
stifling cries break the silence of the night
as clouds move to cover the sky
from lips a moan escapes
bosom heaving

# rictameter

39 thoughts on “after midnight

  1. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    Yassy constructs a delicious though painful poem whose form I long have admired. She paints a wondrous moving scene and gives her visual artistic sense a ladder upon which others may climb. Thanks are but poor praise for enriching us but yours nonetheless.

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    1. You are so good , Bruce. Can’t thank you enough. Praise from the master poet, himself. This honor touches my heart. Thank you for the reblog. You have yourself a good weekend. I still waiting to sample your cooking.

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  2. Thanks, Yassy: I enjoyed climbing your poem and from middle-heights you bring movement which I hope washes the object’s pain with the healing balm of acceptance. I blink my eyes as if to readjust to the sun after reading. I am not, however, surprised: you do that so often. I only regret I yet have the time to enjoy the banquets you prepare. Be well and may you run out of ink often.

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  3. May you never run out of ink
    Perish the thought!
    Your soul an inexhaustible vault of words
    Your pen forever full
    What ere the format your poetry takes
    It cast a spell, a magic all your own
    I read your words I sigh too
    Knowing that this night I sit alone.

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